Matric Rewrite New Syllabus

  All Students that wrote Matric Grade 12 after 2007 they qualify to write New Syllabus.

If you want to Upgrade Your Marks In the Following Subjects !!!

Mathematics English
Geography Life Science
Physical Science History
Afrikaans isiZulu
Economics Computer Applications
Accounting Maths Literacy
Agricultural Science Business Studies

Our Fees Structure

MATRIC REWRITE 1 SUBJECT R 350.00R1 300.00R 495.00
MATRIC REWRITE 2 SUBJECTSR 350.00R1 300.00R 910.00
MATRIC REWRITE 3 SUBJECTSR 350.00R1 650.00R1 025.00
MATRIC REWRITE 4 SUBJECTSR 350.00R1 650.00R1 200.00
MATRIC REWRITE 5 SUBJECTSR 350.00R1 650.00R1 450.00
MATRIC REWRITE 6 SUBJECTSR 350.00R1 650.00R1 450.00
MATRIC REWRITE 7 SUBJECTSR 350.00R1 650.00R1 450.00
CAMBRIDGE IGCSER 350.00 -R 250.00
CAMBRIDGE ASR 350.00- R1 840.00
CAMBRIDGE A LEVELR 350.00- R1 840.00

  Exam Registration must be done before 31 March!

  Exams are Available in Oct/November Certificate accredited by Umalusi